All screen shots are from the optimized Windows version at 640x480 mode, rendered using OpenGL on a 500Mhz PIII Xeon with 256Mb of memory and a 32MB GeForce (Images from before 2000 are from a Permedia2 8MB) graphics card. Some images are 16bit and some are 32bit.

Look at this page for performance statistics.

The demo supports recording and playing back camera paths, try running the standard path and report you results along with your configuration to me and I will try to compile a list. to do this run demo -play misc/cam.pth -perf misc/p1.log and also run demo -play misc/cam.pth -perf2 misc/p2.log.

There are 2 types of performance tests. The first will run a test using only the demo mesh, but render to the screen. The second will not render anything but only test the demo algorithm's speed. Each test will run for about a 1000 frames.

To fly across the landscape manually, press Up arrow to move forward (CTRL-Up to move fast) and use the mouse to steer.