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ddgPlane Class Reference

General form of plane equation:
ax + by + cz = d
n = = normal. More...

#include <ddggeom.h>

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Public Members

float a (void)
float b (void)
float c (void)
float d (void)
ddgVector3* normal (void)
 ddgPlane (void)
Default constructor.

 ddgPlane ( const ddgVector3 p0, const ddgVector3 p1, const ddgVector3 p2)
Create a plane given 3 points on its surface (counter clock wise).

 ddgPlane ( const ddgVector3 p0, const ddgVector3 n)
Create a plane given a point on its surface and a normal.

bool projectAlongX (ddgVector3 *p)
Given y and z find x in plane.

bool projectAlongY (ddgVector3 *p)
Given x and z find y in plane.

bool projectAlongZ (ddgVector3 *p)
Given x and y find z in plane.

void set ( const ddgVector3 n, float d )
void normalize ( void )
ddgVector3 project (ddgVector3 *p0)
bool intersectPlaneWithLine ( const ddgVector3 l1, const ddgVector3 l2, ddgVector3 *pi)
Intersect a plane with a line (defined by 2 points) return point of intersection.

bool intersectPointPlane ( const ddgVector3 pt)
Intersect a point with plane. Returns if point is on the plane.

float distToPoint (const ddgVector3 p)
Return distance between point and plane.

float isPointAbovePlane (const ddgVector3 p)
Returns positive if point is above plane, negative if below, 0 if on.

Detailed Description

General form of plane equation:
ax + by + cz = d
n = = normal.

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