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ddgTriangle3 Class Reference

Ray triangle intersection tests. More...

#include <ddggeom.h>

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Public Members

 ddgTriangle3 (ddgVector3 *p1, ddgVector3 *p2, ddgVector3 *p3 )

void set (ddgVector3 *p1, ddgVector3 *p2, ddgVector3 *p3 )
Set method.

 ddgTriangle3 (void )
Default bConstructor.

bool intersectTriangleWithLine ( const ddgVector3* l1, const ddgVector3* l2, ddgVector3 *pi)
Intersect a triangle with line. Returns if point is.

bool intersectPointTriangle ( const ddgVector3* pt)
Intersect a point with triangle. More...

ddgVertex3 v [3]
Vertices of the triangle.

Detailed Description

Ray triangle intersection tests.

Member Function Documentation

bool ddgTriangle3::intersectPointTriangle (const ddgVector3 * pt)

Intersect a point with triangle.

Returns if point is inside the triangle. point is assumed to lie in plane of triangle.

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