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ddgUIControl Class Reference

Abstract class from which to derive UI objects. More...

#include <ddguicolor.h>

Class diagram for ddgUIControl:

ddgUIObj ddgNode ddgUIColorList ddgUIColor

List of all members.

Public Members

 ddgUIControl (unsigned short x, unsigned short y)

bool init ( void )
Every sub class initializer should call this 1st.

bool draw ( ddgContext *ctx )
Dummy draw method, MUI does the rendering for us.

virtual bool update ( unsigned int _id ) = 0
Update the ui due to some change.

unsigned int id (void)
Get id for this control.

Static Public Members

unsigned int genId (void)
Get new id.

ddgUIControl* find (unsigned int id)
Find the control associated with a given id.

Detailed Description

Abstract class from which to derive UI objects.

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