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ddgVBuffer Class Reference

A class supporting vertex array buffers for rendering. More...

#include <ddgvbuf.h>

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ddgDLNode ddgNode ddgSky ddgMeshRender ddgGround ddgForestBlock ddgCloud

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Public Members

 ddgVBuffer ( ddgVArray::ddgBufType type = ddgVArray::triangle)
Create a object but don't allocate any memory.

bool draw ( ddgContext *ctx )
Render the buffer object.

bool init (ddgContext *ctx )
Initialize the vector Buffer object and allocate buffers if size is set.

void range ( unsigned int start, unsigned int num)
Set the range of objects in the buffer to render.

void reset (void)
Reset the buffer before filling with data.

ddgVArray varray
Data is held by this object.

Detailed Description

A class supporting vertex array buffers for rendering.

the object supports rendering a sub range of the vertex array.

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